What's your ebook's keyword?

Be optimized!”

That's what Ben Finklea scrawled on the title page of his book, Drupal 6 Search Engine Optimization as he stood in the lobby of MIT's PeeWee's-Playhouse-like Stata Center on the second day of a weekend Drupal Design Camp, where I went to hear him speak on search engine optimization (SEO).

A few months earlier I probably would have slept in. Ebooks aren't Googled, right? Doesn't the Googlebot stop at the virtual cover? Who cares about that damn spidery bot. Can I skip the SEO class?

Turns out, no. Because once you create a website for the ebook, like this one, you have to think about being "discoverable."

How to get Google to notice your ebook: O'Reilly Radar post.


get google to notice your book

I spoke to Matthew Gray, lead software engineer of Google Books Search Quality about the visibility of ebooks on Google.

"Our goal is making all the world's information universally accessible and useful, and we believe that a lot of the world's information is in books," he said. "So it's important to us to make that information available. If you need to know something about a disease, or a travel destination, there's good chance the best information is in a book."

New updated, expanded edition of Ebook Publishers to Watch: 2012

Now available, for an unlimited time only, the latest edition of Ebook Publishers to Watch: 2012.

The TeleRead ebook effect

teleread effect

The impact, right, recorded by Google Analytics, of the brief item on E-Publishers to Watch that appeared in TeleRead, probably the premier ebook blog.

Here's the write-up.

TeleRead editor Paul Biba also sent along some advice by email:

I would suggest that you change the home page of the website to put in a description of what the book is about. Nobody landing on your home page is given a clue as to what you are writing.

Good point. I thought I had very explicitly described the project, but Biba was right: there wasn't really anything explicitly about what was on the other side of that cover image.

Now there is.

Presenting... a preview.